Tuesday, 19 March 2013

More covers

Some more First Story covers, done by moi

Book cover

This is a cover I designed and illustrated for First story, a charity set up to inspire creative writing in schools. Authors visit schools and run workshops with the students, then produce an anthology of their work. We then lay the books out at OUP and design the covers (although I just do the covers, which is the nicer job). One this cover, the students wanted cartoons of themselves to appear on the cover, so I took the chance to do a bit of illustration! Really love working with First Story :-)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Random moody teenage girl

Seb Burnett


I'm very excited to be working with Seb Burnett again on a new OUP project. I'm a BIG fan of his work so much so that I was a teeny bit star-stuck when I met him recently. Hope I wasn't too much of an eejet... :-/